Culture/ July 22,2019

“IPL 2018 was anticipated to be the biggest IPL season ever at Dream11. And rightly so, our Dream team surpassed all expectations. We grew to 2 crore registered users in 7 years, and to 4 crore users in the next 7 weeks. That translates to about 4 lakh new users registering every day!”
– Harsh Jain, CEO

This journey has been once in a lifetime for our Sportans. But this achievement would have been impossible without the undying support of their loved ones. In fact, it’s only with the support of their families that we could become a winning team today.
So this year, we dedicated our success to the families, by introducing #Unplugged.

#Unplugged: Rewarding all Sportans with Dedicated Time Off

During #Unplugged, we disconnect a Sportan from all Dream11 channels for a week. We change all Dream11 account passwords so the Sportan can’t connect with teammates even if he/she wanted to. We nudge their teammates to not collaborate with the Sportan during #Unplugged. This way, a Sportan gets ‘Unplugged’; he/she enjoys dedicated time off all in-stadium affairs.

And following a highly active IPL season, a short break for all was the exact thing Sportans wanted.“Dream11’s aggressive game plan this IPL required Sportans to give more than 100% in every aspect,”COO Bhavit Sheth notes, “Sportans stuck with teammates for long hours and a few weekends to keep up with our 4 crore users. A break from this environment is a welcome change for all of us.”

But getting 140 Sportans unplugged from their IPL routine is never an easy task. “To make Sportans realize the importance of #Unplugged, we had to ensure our message leaves a big impact”, Aditi Patil, HR lead at Dream11 adds, “We figured that personalized messages from the captains was how we can achieve this.”

The idea was so exciting that Sportans couldn’t wait until the end of IPL to plan their #Unplugged. “I’ve already shared my itinerary with my team,” Rahul Mirchandani, captaining the Revenue Dream Team says, “Unplugging from Dream11 with my family will be a new experience.”

#Unplugged: The Gift

That’s not all. To nudge our Sportans to spend some memorable family time, we gifted them BookMyShow vouchers, which they can redeem for some exciting experiences. So when they come back, they join us refreshed, energetic and raring to go create new records with us. With #Unplugged, Sportans are always at 100%, every time they walk in our Stadium

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